Kustomer Keeper mPOS App

09 Sep Kustomer Keeper mPOS App

OK. I admit it.  Today is my Birthday. I received a wonderful present. Why is it wonderful you ask?  It helps my wonderful customers grow THEIR businesses. Today Kustom App is available in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store. Click on the link from your IOS or Android device and try it yourself.  http://onelink.to/s77nfy

Many businesses want to have an app for their business.  Today’s app is as necessary as yesterday’s website. I know what you are thinking. “Apps are EXPENSIVE!!  It will take months to build it. How do I get in in the App Store and the Google Play store?” This is no longer true. When you use Kustomer Keeper’s Kustom App, get your own app, Kustomized for YOUR business without the cost and hassles usually involved.  For a low one fee, we’ll take your artwork and look and feel,  create your app, post it to the stores, and give you a link from our site to your app in the app stores. Your app is connected directly to your Kustomer Keeper mPOS solution. You’ve just staked your claim to the most valuable screen real estate in the word, your customer’s screen.

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