01 Sep It’s Appbout Time !!

We are VERY excited and pleased.  Our App  Kustomer Keeper is now available in the Apple App Store and will be available very shortly in the Android store.  I especially want to thank Terry Billingsley of App Your Way for his help and support in making our dream a reality. So what does that mean for you?

You run a profitable business. You are looking for a way to engage your customers. In today’s digital world,  screen real estate on your customer’s smartphone or table is priceless.

I can already hear you say, “He must be talking about an APP.  I can’t AFFORD an App. He must be nuts.”  Until the release of Kustomer Keeper app Konnector, you’d be right.

Starting TODAY, you can have your very own Kustomized app, that connects directly from your customer’s phones and tablets to your Kustomer Keeper mPOS system.  Imagine, your customers can now shop with you from anywhere in the world, any time of the day or night, from the convenience of their phones and tablets.  You receive notification of the orders which have already been entered into YOUR mPOS.  Better still, you have already been PAID.
Just fill the order and ship it, deliver it, or have it ready for customer pick up.

You run a very busy restaurant or Bar. Every seat is full and your wait staff is swamped. Customers are getting impatient.  Now your customers can access your app, place an order directly into your mPOS, and let you know the number of the table where they are sitting or the location on the bar.
Your wait staff and expediters serve the drinks and keep the cash coming in.  You need to place a Table Tent with the number of the table and simple instructions on how to get your app.

The sign-up process is simple. Your customers enter their first name, last name, email, and password. You can offer an incentive for downloading your app to increase your penetration.  Use your app as an advertising vehicle and revenue generator.

Call  415 780 9724, or email hank@kustomerkeeperpos.com today to see how your Kustomized app can make YOU money.



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