How It Works

Kustomer Keeper: Mobile POS In The Palm Of Your Hand.

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You connect with an iPad, Android Tablet, Smartphone PC or a Mac. Twelve individual modules keep your attention on the task at hand. Owners, Managers, and Supervisors have access to the entire application. Other staff members only use the Customer, Calendar, and Guest Check/ Sales Slip Modules.

Access is controlled by the initial set up of each staff member. When you subscribe to Kustomer Keeper, you are set up with one Owner’s account, as well as your first entry for the Vendors, Inventory, Purchases, Staff, and Customers modules.

You choose your credit card processor or give Kustomer Keeper the opportunity to make you an offer from our processing partners. Our Pass-Through pricing saves you money and increases your profits.

Kustomer Keeper never stores actual Credit Card data, so there are no worries about data breaches or costly audits.

Kustomer Keeper provides you with FREE Cardless Gift and Loyalty platform. Reward spending IE 2% of each purchase, visits  IE Visit 10 times to receive a free gift, or both. YOU Control what rewards you offer.

Over 90% of Americans give or receive Gift Cards Annually. 72% of consumers spend MORE than the value conatined on their Gift Cards. 90% of Gift Cards used within 60 days.

Track your customer’s birthdays, special occasions, family members, social media contacts, email addresses, phone numbers, and more.Use the data you collect in the course of your daily business to identify and engage with your key customers.

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