Hank Shrier: Founder

45 Years Sales and Marketing
Wrote applications for

  • Oracle
  • Intuit
  • Bank of America
  • Lynk Merchant Services
  • Neos
  • FileMaker Inc. Mad Dog PR winner (2)
  • Author of “The Natural Networker”
  • Founder Global Business Networking
  • Atlas Terminal 1.5 MM Month Processed

Robert Lakin: Chief Information Officer

Editor: Bloomberg LP Emerging Markets In Tel Aviv
Specalist: McKinsey & Company Senior Client Advisor
Consultant: Battery Ventures
Consultant: Tene Capital
Founder: Analytika Research
Co Founder: TownPlanUK Data & Content Services

Nigel Grace: Chief Marketing Officer

Human Factors International Limited: Designed and implemented over 20 major banking websites and payment user interfaces.

Tigerspike: Managed diverse client portfolio, covering payment systems, credit card applications, asset management, technology design and implementation, and user interface analysis.

British Computer Society: Developed certification programs for Human Interface Guidelines.

NYPay: Contributing member to New York’s leading mobile payments forum.

Byron Wagner: Strategic Planning

Founded: Abaton – First Scanner for Macintosh
C-Cube: Used by Apple, IBM, Ricoh, 20th Century Fox
Oversea: Digital Imaging Revolutionized Container Shipping
Advisor: Private Equity Wireless Tech & Entertainment
Founded: Intertainer – Funded By Comcast & US West
Lecturer: UCLA, San Francisco State and Cal Arts
Founder: Viber – Sold for $900,000,000

Wain Swapp: Processing Industry Expert

Member: Electronic Transaction Association

Advisory Board
Founder: Community Merchant Solutions
Founder: Neos Merchants Solutions
VP-Sales: Lynk Systems

  • 70,000 Merchants
  • 37 Offices
  • $3.5 Billion Sales Volume

Sales Manager: Deluxe Data

  • 65,000 Merchant Accounts
  • $2.5 Billion Annual Processing Volume

Former Navy S.E.A.L.